Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mens Gift Guide

Are you having a hard time finding things for that special someone in your life this year??  I am putting together etsy gift guides to inspire and help you shop this year!  Here are some great finds for MEN.  Starting from the top left corner...  A necktie card wallet from  A recycled kona coffee burlap bag stocking from  An awesome VW style silver ring from  Super cool robot ornaments that everyone would love from  Practical, yet still great for gift giving, a cowl from  One of my favorites is this amazingly useful box from  Why not let your guy pamper himself with handmade soaps this year from  And last but not least, your guys next favorite tee from with all the bells and whistles of a manly top.  Happy shopping and buy handmade when you can! 

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Etsy Sale

Hey everybody!  In honor of black friday, I am having a "black friday" sale in my etsy shop.  (  I am offering free shipping from now until Wednesday, December 3rd at midnight.  I am also adding sale items to my shop during this time period, but they will only be on sale during the sale so shop now!  Why wait in lines at the mall when you can do all of your shopping on etsy??  Check out other great black friday sales at  Tons of shops are offering free shipping and sale items through the weekend.  Don't miss out on great savings!  Get your Christmas shopping done early and make sure you find the perfect handmade gifts for everyone on your list.  Happy Thanksgiving and ALOHA!

My newest item in my etsy shop:  A hand knit leaf pin to add to your fall bags, scarves, or hats!  Wear it with confidence and style.  Bamboo yarn with a recycled wool felt backing.  Check it out at

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tatse of the Bayou

I went to Taste of the Bayou last night for dinner on Kapahulu Ave. They serve a traditional menu of Cajun classics. If you aren’t familiar with Cajun style cooking, don’t worry, on the back of the menu they have a list of words you may not know. Like andouille sausage, hushpuppies, jambalaya, gumbo, or etouffee. If you have questions, just ask, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. You can’t go wrong with Jambalaya and a side of hushpuppies though if you are afraid to venture into the unknown. One of the coolest parts of the restaurant is the scenic paintings on the walls that set a background of the South. A swamp with reeds, alligator, and raccoons lines one wall; while the other is filled with a banjo band on a stage with dancers in the grass. It really adds to the atmosphere.

My boyfriend and I split the "A Taste of the Bayou" sampler. It came with Jambalaya, Gumbo, and Red Beans and Rice. I am not a huge fan of gumbo, so I won't even tell you what I thought since I barely ate that, but the Jambalaya was insanely yummy. Just the right amount of spice (I ordered it medium) and the chunks of chicken, ham, bacon and tomato flavor were awesome. The red beans and rice were really good too. The beans were flavored with andouille sausage and bacon so they had a really meaty flavor, which added to the beans mixed in with the rice. I also ordered the sweet potato fries... They were by far my favorite thing! They came with a honey mustard dipping sauce that made them hard to put down. I ate the whole order all by myself! For $3.50, they offered value and quality. I would definitely recommend the Jambalaya. My boyfriend also ordered hushpuppies, which were just as expected. Crispy on the outside, soft and delicious on the inside.

Go early, or make reservations, because this place fills up fast! Call 732-2229 for reservations and take out orders.

*Entrees range from @10-$15 on average at dinner, lunch prices are less. Sides are around $3-$5. Each meal comes with a moist cornbread muffin to “start.”

Website: Check it out for a list of their menu items, information on their hours, prices, and press coverage. Their hours are kind of hard to remember, so make sure you call before showing up on a Monday afternoon for lunch when they are closed!

*Senior Night on Thursday night! 60 years and older get 10% off the entire bill.
*BYOB with a $5 corkage fee.
Located at 740 Kapahulu Avenue in Honolulu. Phone: 732-2229
Hours: Closed-Sunday/Monday all day
           Open-Tuesday-Saturday 5:30-9:00 (dinner)
           Open-Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 11-1:30 (lunch)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Felt Items

I have been listing new felt items on etsy, and my new craze is passport wallets! I hate carrying my blah passport around when I travel and having everyone know where I am from. Especially when you are just trying to blend into the crowd. So I have come up with these fabulous covers for your passport that are snuggly, fit just right, and have a little pocket in the back for all those ticket stubs, business cards, and travel specialty items that are usually just jammed into your passport until next time...

Check out this one and more on and get ready to travel this holiday season! 

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Craft Fair Success

I participated in the Hickam Craft Fair today, and it was a lovely success.  I got a lot of business cards out there, made some sales, and talked with a lot of other vendors.  Besides the one rain shower that we had to sit through, I'd say it was a pretty good day.  Here is a picture of my booth set up, some stuff had already been sold, but I wanted to get a picture before it got torn apart!

We were located by the parking lot in the back, and kind of in the middle of everything, so I think that helped a little.  Overall, I am happy with the show.  :)  For those of you that were there, I will be posting tons of new stuff soon, so keep checking my etsy shop. 

If you were at the show and decided you really liked something that you didn't purchase, you can enter HICKAM at checkout for free shipping in Hawaii.  When you pay for your item, I will refund your shipping cost.  Happy Holidays and good luck shopping!

Here are some of the items that were sold at the craft fair.  Keep checking my shop for new items, although everything is one of a kind, sometimes I make similar items or styles, and often use the same stones.

Gnome obsessed??

(Numbered 1-8 from top left to right, then bottom left to right.)
First off, I don't think it is bad to have obsessions.  Second, doesn't everyone love gnomes and all things gnome-y?  Like the forest friend stamps-#7- from (a local Hawaii artist!), or the little mushroom and forest trees-#8- from  I love love love the stamps-#5- from, and she just happens to have a little gnome stamp too!  My favorite stamps are the cupcakes and cute birdies, but that is a whole-nother post!  If you like something a little more practical and totally normal, how about a tea towel!  Check out the gnome tea towels-#3- at  Super easy to slip the gnome in without getting to yard art crazy!  I am loving the little felt items-#2- at, and check out her stuffed felt birds.  So cute, so much fun!  If you are all about showing off your gnome obsession, you will love the felt mushroom-#6- from, and the gnome scrabble tile pendant-#1 from  These are just a few of the many gnome-y items that I love on etsy.  These sellers don't sell only gnomes though, they all have tons of other really cool, normal, practical items that even non-gnomers can appreciate!  For a little touch of whimsy-#4- in the house, check out for dazzling artwork.  I love to shop etsy and support handmade, and look how easy they make it with such perfect items and gifts??

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hickam Craft Fair is tomorrow!

Alright, here is a link to the military website about the craft fair:

My etsy shop also has some information:

Located at the Arts and Crafts Center, Building 1889, 335 Kuntz Ave (across from the theater) The craft fair will be held from 9-3pm and is open to the public.  The public will be allowed to enter from the KUNTZ gate, which is the one by the airport.  It should be a really fun fair, so come check it out!  Here are some maps to help you out!

View Larger Map

View Larger Map

Monday, November 9, 2009

free shipping from modernartstamps etsy shop!

After I posted about modern arts stamps on etsy, they sent me a message offering free shipping!  Thank you thank you!  Here is what they said::: "hey, thanks so much for the lovely post! I will offer free shipping for any unmounted stamps for all your readers!! Just send at checkout the code "hawaii". Good until 11/30"

so go to and get those Christmas gifts already!  Free shipping, how nice!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Diamond Head craft fair!

Wow, this morning I went to the Diamond Head craft fair along with 80 million other people!  It was crazy.  Tons tons tons of sellers and I was really impressed with the number of shoppers.  There were lots of great things to look at and buy.  I only got a few things because I know I will shop at the Hickam Craft fair next weekend...  But here is what I picked up::::  I got this quilt for $25 from "The Blanket Lady."  It is made with all vintage fabrics and is bright and fabulous!  Apparently the woman who makes these is 89 years old and just quilts to keep busy.  She quilts all year and then her family sells them at the craft fair.  How cool is that?  They told me they would be at the Mililani Craft Fair too, I think.... There were so many crafters!  But I guess there is a craft fair at Mililani High School next weekend too.  I also really liked Paint the Town Hawaii's stuff.  They had super cool key holders/jewlery holders.  Their website is  You have to check it out because I am so bad at describing!  They have tons of hand painted designs like turtles, flowers, the mountains.  All Hawaii and beautiful.  There is a picture of one of their items just below::

I also got some little mushroom yard art to put in my cactus garden that is still semi-alive... I think it will inspire me to water them and care for them.  I love mushrooms and gnomes and well... yard art.  Ouch, I said it.  :)  They sell at the Kapiolani Craft Fair every 3rd weekend and will be there on the 21st, so check em out!  I will try to post a pic, but you can't miss em.  Clay mushrooms, turtles, frogs, starfish-all for the yard n garden!

Check out these handmade stamps at  I was browsing through handmade stamps today as they are a new obsession... and I found these.  They are super cute and offer tons of designs.  From weddings monograms, to website stamps, thank you's, and handmade by...  I loved the little knitting one because I think it is so great when you get a great handmade item with a fantastic label to keep and remember it by.  They have almost 300 stamps for sale to choose from, and tons of custom work.  I really like the little ones, but they do large ones as well.  Pretty much anything you can imagine, they've got it. 

Here is the etsy welcome on their site::     "Welcome to modernartstamps!  You will find here unique designer art stamps 100% original, UNMOUNTED and trimmed. Take a coffee and some cookies while you browse more of 260 ORIGINAL designs! You don't want to loose any of it!...CHRISTMAS SEASON HAS BEGUN ON MODERNARTSTAMPS!!!  What is more beautiful for a gift than a personalized gift?? Due for traffic on holidays we are now offering christmas orders. Orders might take 3-4 weeks to arrive, so BUY IN TIME your gifts. Last day to purchase and have stamps in time for christmas is November 12." 

Did you read that? You better get shopping if you want your stamps to arrive in time for Christmas!  I love personalized gifts, they show you really care and picked something just for them!  Think housewarming gifts, wedding gifts, stocking stuffers for the kids, or a thank you stamp for all those thank you's you'll bound to be sending this season.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Latest creations

Here are some of my latest creations soon to be listed in my etsy shop.  Check them out at  I am trying to make more bracelets becuase I have been in an earring mood.  I think I have made 20 pairs of earrings, and nothing else in the last week!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cool Knitting Blog

I found this really cute knitting blog and this link to a free arm band pattern at Keep on Knitting In The Free Worlds blog. Do I smell Christmas present??  These would be great for a little added touch on top of a wrapped present.  I love that you can make them for guys or girls!  Check out the blog from the link above.  There are tons of other free patterns and super cute project ideas. 
She also has an etsy shop at :::

Here is a little tidbit about "Keep on Knitting in the Free World" :: "When I’m not designing, I’m dreaming about designing. I’m also knitting, spinning, dying fiber, writing, doodling, walking, doing crossword puzzles, drinking tea, eating chocolate, stretching, contemplating the cruelty of existence, and exploring the great Pacific Northwest."
 She also sells great patterns for knit items and offers free tutorials.  Here is one of my favorites:

You gotta love a fellow knitter, etsy-an, crafter, and mitt lover!  My latest obsession has been fingerless mitts, mittens, and arm bands.  You are bound to see some of these as Christmas presents this year!

Mana Bu's!

I went to the one and only musubi favorite in Hawaii, Mana Bu's this week.   They open at 9:30 and close when they sell out.  They are a traditional place with non-traditional innovative flavors and salads.  Such as the curry rice pilaf musubi, 10 grain baked salmon musubi, and the Hawaii favorite spam musubi. 

I got there around 10:30 and was surprised to see the store without a line out the door.  The racks were full and the service friendly as always.  Pick up a basket at the door and fill it with okinawan potato salad, strawberry mochi, and musubis.  I got the curry potato salad, okinawan potato salad with mac nuts and edamame, and the curry rice pilaf musubi.  YUM!

Go early and try to find parking in their tiny lot if you can.  They usually sell out around 1:30, so plan ahead.  They have extended their hours though and seem to be less crowded than usual with the extra hours and days.  They are closed Sundays, where they used to be closed Monday and Tuesday as well. 

Check out their website at for information on their hours, menu, and ingredients.  They pride themselves in making everything by hand and with fresh local ingredients.They have 30 different kinds of musubi and you can pre-order for your next party or get together!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Berrysprite's etsy shop

I stumbled upon this super cute local shop when looking through the "shop local" section on etsy. I always browse the local shops to support and promote local artists. Anyways, I fell in love with the little creatures in the shop and started reading her blog. There are even more cute items on her blog, and information about a giveaway from November 1st-8th.

Here is a little bit about the shop/site::
I found this information on her blog--
"amigurumi+ more, huzzah! Berrysprite is for people who love smiling faces and bright colors; we specialize in unique, handmade kawaii items; from amigurumi to pouches and buttons!Aloha! My name is Holly and I am the girl behind berrysprite; I do everything! From designing, crocheting and sewing, to photographing, packaging and shipping orders, I'm the one who makes sure every creation is treated with love. Let me tell you a bit about berrysprite (and then a bit about myself!): I started berrysprite on etsy in 2006 as a hobby, but I have since become addicted to making cute things of all shapes, sizes and types! I also love being able to send happiness in a package to people all around the world; making friends through berrysprite is what helps me to keep creating and smiling! I've also found that in 3+ years of berrysprite I've learned a great deal about making amigurumi and crafting/selling in general, and I love helping others."

There is a lot more info and tons more cute/kawaii things on her site and shop so check it out!


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