Monday, March 12, 2012

Applique Washcloth Tutorial

The kitchen is my favorite place in my house to be.  I love to add little feminine, fun touches to make it even better!

These easy applique washcloths are perfect for scrubbing up after a day of baking or drying dishes.

Start with a dish cloth/ washcloth that you would use to dry your dishes normally.  
Then pick out a fabric that you can cut to add an applique.  I used cupcakes, but flowers or monograms would be cute too.

Cut out your fabric piece and line it up in the corner of your dish cloth.

Make sure you line up your applique so when you are finished it will be in the bottom right corner.

Pin the piece of fabric in place and sew around the edge with a straight stitch.  I went around twice to make a shabby top-stitch look.

Then when you finish with the straight stitch, go around again with a small zigzag stitch.
VOILA!  Your own fancy dish towel to clean up your messes with!


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