Monday, June 27, 2011

Wedding Photo Booth

I got married last week and we made a photo booth for the big day.  It was so much fun!  Here is a shot of me and my girls! Thanks for helping make our wedding sooo much fun!

Me and my hubby

The Groom's Parents (my new in-laws!) Hamming it up.

My brother and his girlfriend Tammy, love the props!

The girls and the groom.  Lucky MAN!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Super Easy Place Card Holder Tutorial

One of the many projects that I made for my wedding were these place card holders.  I used them to decorate my dessert buffet. (More pictures to come)  They are easy to make and add a lot of personality to your party!  Use them for almost anything you need a little holder for : signs, pictures, table numbers, place card holders, etc.

What you will need:
Glue gun
Moss (I used preserved Reindeer Moss which can be found at your local craft store)
Florist foam
A cutting/work mat or table
Silk or real flowers ( I used silk so I could make them far in advance)

Take the florist foam and cut it into handy pieces with your knife.  You can make them pretty much any size.  Then take the glue gun and start gluing the moss around the foam until you can't see it anymore.  Voila!  Moss covered and cute...  Next you will place the flowers into the foam, cut the stems short and poke them in securely.  Then you can add your metal stem/holder.  You can purchase them or make them yourself.  (Tutorial to come for making them yourself, super easy!)

Be very careful as the glue from the glue gun is HOT and you will be placing your hands all around it in order to place the moss on the foam.

I added hand stamped and laminated signs for my dessert bar, but you could just put cards, photos, or whatever you like!  Get creative.  And THAT is IT!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bridal Underwear Tutorial

Do you love those cute little undies that say "Bride to Be" or " Soon to Be Mrs. SO and SO"?  Me too!  I of course always want to make my own, and I actually like them better than any of the ones that I saw on-line to buy and they were way cheaper to make myself.  Here is a short and simple tutorial on how to get those adorable panties to wear around on your honeymoon.

Step 1: Find some super cute and comfy underwear that have a large backside.  Preferably 100% cotton as the transfer method is the most successful with cotton.  I found these ones for around $5 or $6 bucks for a pack of 3 at Wal-Mart.  (Hanes)  Wash and dry them before you begin.

Step 2: Find an image that you would like to transfer to your panties.  I found mine at Wedding Chicks.
You can get the image above  here.  Just input Brides name as Mrs. and grooms name as your new last name.  Then where it says Month Date Year, you can input whatever you would like the bottom to say. 
 Ex: Month-Forever, Date-&, Year-Always. Get it??  Then you pick your color and click submit.  For this project, I chose a dark color and all the same color for each element.  Keeping it simple makes the transfer easy to read.

Step 3: You are going to need to flip your image.  Mine is already flipped above, but all you have to do is right click your image once you save it to your desktop and open it in Paint.  Then go to the top where it says ROTATE.  You will flip your image vertically and then rotate it 180 degrees so it is upright. 

Step 4: Print your image onto transfer paper and then cute around image, leaving rounded edges.  While you are printing, you can preheat your iron.  Next you need to find a hard surface to iron on.  Preferably something that won't burn.  :)  I chose a cheap tv table to iron on.  It also helps if it is about waist level as you can get more leverage to apply pressure.

Step 5: Then you are going to place something stiff, like a piece of cardboard inside the underwear to create a nice tight fit and to separate the layers of material.  Next, place your design carefully in the middle of the butt and iron firmly.  Make sure you get the edges really good, they tend to peel away.  Iron for a few minutes and then remove from heated area and let cool completely.  Then you can peel away the backing and VOILA!

Panties for under $5 each!  These would be a super easy gift for your bridesmaids with their names or something funny on them too.  You could even tie-dye white underwear and then go nuts with the transfers.  The possibilities are endless and they take less than 20 minutes to make from start to finish!

Here is another little something you could use as an iron on.  I just used a free bird graphic and typed Bride underneath and flipped it.  EASY AS PIE!  Good luck!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Hawaii Bachelorette Party

Last night my girls threw me the best bachelorette party ever!  Let me start from the beginning...

First, my friend Nat picked me up and took me into Waikiki to meet up with all the girls.  Then we got on a trolley for the Screamer! a speed boat ride at Kewalo Basin. 

The girls, Nat and Glo

Ready to get wet on the screamer??

We started up front!  Woo HOOOO!

WOO HOO!  We survived the Screamer!  :) 

After we drove around and relived my life in stages, we ended up here.  Portlock has the most amazing views and a sunset candel lit dinner was in the mix!

Check out the white tablecloth, LED candles, white homemade poms, and a spread of food that would make anyone hungry!  You girls are AWESOME!

Me in my new veil and outfit from the girls.  :)  Notice the star on my shirt, my favorite!

Pasta salad with pesto, strawberry and almond salad, and french bread with balsamic vinegar and oil.  Champagne and sodas and of course CHOCOLATE CAKE!

Thank you for the most thoughtful and amazing DAY!  We even ended the night at my favorite bar in Waikiki- NASHVILLE.  For a night of country music dancing and crazy times.  Me loves!

Free Wedding Invitations

Too bad my wedding is coming up in about 9 days, because this invitation being offered at Wedding Chicks website is incredible!  You can customize the text and colors to whatever you want.

Click here to download.
You could use this for your bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, or the actual wedding.  The words are all fully customizable, so get on it and make yourself something cute and free for your special day!


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