Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Portland, Maine

Last week, I went on a fabulous vacation to Portland, Maine for a family wedding.  I have never been to the East Coast and it was beautiful!  The coastline was rugged and rocky, the atmosphere in Portland - artsy and young, and it was so nice to get out of town!

We took a boat tour and got to see lots of the area that you couldn't get to by car.  These sea birds were basking in the sun and I loved the sight of it!

Lobster, Lobster, Lobster!  Isn't that a Maine staple?  The little bay cruise we took told us they used to serve lobster to the inmates because it was so cheap and plentiful.  Poor man's food, oh how the tables have turned!

Shopping in Portland was in no shortage.  The original Stonewall Kitchen, tons of boutiques, and a massive kitchen store.

Did I eat ice cream a few times on vacation?  You bet I did.  I love this vintage style sign in the window.  Sold, you got me.

There was even a shop that sold only popcorn.  Imagine that huh?

My mother in law and niece have a little heart to heart at the rehearsal dinner.

Le PAUVRE!  Lobster bake.

Beautiful lighthouses were plentiful on the coast.  We drove to this one and looked out at the ocean.

This little one never stops eating.  SO cute.

Rich in history and sights to see.  More photos to come!  What a great trip to get away from the heat of Arizona.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Petal Cake

I had the day off today and made a few cakes.  I made a petal cake and a cake for my husband.  I have been wanting to try this cake style for a while, and it was so easy and cute!

I love blue: light blue, robins egg blue, aqua...  I could go on.

I wanted to do an ombre effect so I made 3 different shades of blue.  My favorite is the middle one.

The petal technique is so easy.  Just pipe a dot, then drag it with a spatula.  Continue around the cake, piping dots about 1/4 of an inch apart.

Then I piped a little flower on the top in a creamy bluish white.  

Creamy swiss buttercream, oh my.

Petals and flowers, blue and white, can't wait to dig in.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Small Project Sew Along with Crazy Mom Quilts

I am doing the sew along with crazy mom quilts for small projects.  Here is my list of small projects that I am going to slowly chug away at.  I can't wait to start crossing things off!

1. patchwork square pouch
2. potholders
3. log cabin pillow case
4. fabric boxes
5. trash can for car
6. headbands
7. gnome paper pieced blog
8. oilcloth zippered pouch
9. pillows for my craft room
10. pillow case set for couch
11. bowl cover
12. purse

That is all for now.  If you want to sew along too, follow this link!


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