Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nuuanu Judd Trail

Trail Name: Nuuanu Judd Trail

Difficulty: Beginner

Length: depends on which trails you end up on

Tips: Make sure you have a general idea of which direction you want to go as there are many trails in this area.  One other popular area is Jack Ass Ginger, a swimming hole about a 10 minute walk into the forest.

Directions: Take the Pali Road Kailua Bound and take your last right at the stop light before you ascend into the mountains.  Follow the Old Pali Road until you cross a bridge and see a trail marker, about 2 miles down the road.  Park along the road and begin the trail.  Note: do not leave any valuables in your car as it is a common spot for break ins.

Highlights: The beginning of the trail has a river crossing and thick bamboo.  Then you ascend into cook pines and back into bamboo up a steep mountain side.  The view at the top of the valley is beautiful.  Many trails connect and wind in all different directions so you can choose any way that you want and end up somewhere new.

My favorite: crazy amounts of moss

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rock Climbing at Makapu'u

A few weeks ago I tackled rock climbing at Makapu'u with a few friends.  We started in the afternoon and climbed for a few hours until we had all done each route.  It was pretty awesome with the Windward Side as our background, whales in sight, and the sunny skies of Hawaii.  To get there, we parked in the lookout lot and took a short path up the hill to this 40 foot rock wall.  The hooks are already in the wall but be sure to always double check the holds.  This wall requires harnesses, ropes, and a partner: so please go prepared.  Safety is the most important part of outdoor climbing and though we look like all fun and games, we did have someone there who had safety in mind.

Taking the first leap is always the hardest.  Go Mills!

Wait, is that a mountain goat??

Safety first Maddy Long Legs. Thank you for taking us!

Note: I am only about 6 inches off the ground but this picture is pretty awesome...  

Ok.  This part was a challenge.  But very fun and came together like a puzzle.  How can I split my body to scale this wall?

I made it!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Barnes & Nobles Nook E-Reader

Reading on the Nook has changed the way I read.  (Not just saying that!)  I read faster, more often, and into the late hours of the night without disturbing my fiance who can't sleep with "pages turning."  :)  I got a lot of great gifts for Christmas this year, but this was by far my favorite!  I have downloaded tons of free books, short stories, and plenty of things I would never have read.  It has opened my world of reading just a little bit bigger.

Why is it so much better than real books?  First off, nothing is better than a real book.  Nothing.  Something about the pages and skimming through, the weight in your hand...  After saying that, this makes reading so much better.  No more uncomfortable positions, tired arms holding the book in bed, and no more losing your spot.  The nook automatically keeps your place in any book you are reading, even if you are reading them all.  Touch the button "reading now" and instantly see the last page you were on in your latest book.  Amazing!  

The size of  a regular paperback, light and easy to use.  Another thing that I love about the nook is that you have access to tons of free books without ever leaving your home.  Click here to preview some of the free books that are offered through Barnes & Noble.  

Another great source for free books on-line is Project Gutenburg.  They have over 33,000 free books that have an expired copyright in the United States and are thus available for free.  I love this site. You can download to your computer, your i-pad, your kindle, nook, whatever.  They have all kinds of different formats so you can pretty much read free anywhere. Go check it out.

If you aren't a reading junkie and you just want to read a few of Oprah's favorite picks every once in a while you can of course purchase books on-line as well.  Use your nook to browse or go to and browse.  Easy as Pie!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

4 months

So I woke up this morning and realized... I have 4 months until my wedding.  Still no dj, ceremony musician, haven't printed my invitations, don't have bridesmaid dresses yet, OHHH... the list goes on.  The next 2 weeks are my wedding mania time.  I AM going to get the BIG things out of the way.  Yes, I am.  But for now... I am going to browse etsy for gnomes.  WHAT?  I know, I know.  Wedding business first.  Maybe just a little??

Thats right, click here.

Wear me.

Does this count as wedding planning??

They got me again!

OK.  Back to wedding planning, I promise!


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