Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's Wednesday... and my Sunday!

Today was my Sunday, and I am thoroughly enjoying it.  A morning of cleaning, laundry, face masks, and a homemade smoothie bowl.  I felt like a little pampering after my morning of work.  (and I deserved it!)  I use LUSH masks, the BB Seaweed and Oatifix, and sometimes Love Lettuce.  Today was a mix of the first two.  Why does a face mask feel so luxurious?  I'm a simple gal, I like long showers, face masks from lush, and Lindt truffles.  Easily wow!ed and loving the small things in life.

Smoothie BowL:
Fabulous bowl (from target)
Granola - I like any organic or low sugar granola
Frozen fruit - I use papaya, mango, strawberry, and pineapple
Plain Yogurt
Orange Juice - I use one with Calcium for the added ooomph
Blender - I prefer the Magic Bullet because it makes just the right amount

Place all items in blender and blend until smooth.  Pour into bowl and top with granola. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Brides Against Breast Cancer

Brides Against Breast Cancer is an organization that raises money for terminal breast cancer patients wishes.  All you have to do is donate your dress, the organization holds large dress sales all over the country.  Then, they use the money from the sale to make someone's wish come true.

"Our Foundation resurrects these dresses, giving them new life as a bride's "dream gown" while the proceeds from the sale of these treasured possessions help grant wishes and memory making events for women and men who are losing their battle with breast cancer."
(taken from the website...
Want to make your wedding about charitable giving and caring for others?  Check out this link to donate in honor of your guests or to pass out donation cards at your wedding reception.
Not a bride?  That's ok!  The Pink Evelope Project has lots of great ways you can help make wishes come true.  You can volunteer, donate directly to the foundation, spread awareness, or invite friends to join.  Go to:: for more information.
"Our mission is to grant wishes, including memory-making events, for metastatic breast cancer patients, while continuing to support, educate and increase resource awareness." (taken from the website above)
Why not donate your dress?  You probably can't afford to give $500 to a charity right after your wedding, but you can donate that $500 dress you just wore.  When are you going to wear it again?  Most likely never.  Give it a new life, full of love and wishes.  If you live in Hawaii, you are in luck. is offering a free photo shoot in exchange for your dress.  All you have to do is set up a shoot after the wedding.  You will get great photos, amazing shots of you in your dress, and memories that will last a lifetime.   (Photographers site... ) Go to these sites and check it out for yourself. 
Decide for yourself where you see your wedding dress in 5, 10, 15 years...  Making dreams come true, or dreaming of being worn again in your closet??

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dreaming of Weddings...

I have been browsing etsy for wedding ideas and fun... and there is no shortage on etsy of wedding ideas and supplies.  Here are a few of my all time favorites of the day.

These invitations are perfect.  I want them!

These are super fun and unique too.  So many decisions!

These stickers would make great labels for favors, decorations, whatever.  There are so many designs to choose from.

How pretty is this floral hair piece?  Maybe it's the red hair that makes it "jUMP" out at you, but I think it is beautiful.

 The perfect outfit for the flower girl.  At only $20.00, I want one for me too!

Who doesn't want a unique garter that they won't forget?  And it has "something blue..."

Picture these hung from an outdoor tent alternated with Japanese lanterns... So pretty!

Obviously I am all things wedding, but look at all these fabulous etsy shops that I never even thought to search for before.  And most of them sell things for both weddings and everyday wear/use. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I got engaged May 1st!  My boyfriend was really romantic and planned a whole evening of surprises.  First, let's talk about the food...  We went to Bistro Laurent Tourondel (  It is a new steakhouse in the Trump Tower in Waikiki.  We sat on the lanai for sunset and ate like Kings/Queens!  I had stacked onion rings, grilled asparagus, a massive filet mignon, potato au gratin, and jeeze - a lot more.  It is new to Hawaii, but not a new place.  There are BLT steakhouses and fish houses all over.  It is French style and flavors mixed with the American concept of a steakhouse.  Needless to say I enjoyed myself, the food, and off course, the company.

I found these pictures on the web, but they are exactly what I had!
Somehow when you stack onion rings, they become less crude, greasy, and uncivilized.  I felt they were a totally appropriate appetizer!

Not only did we order tons of food, they offered these popovers to us to start with.  WOW!  They were huge and buttery delish.  They came with a little recipe card, so I can't wait to make some for my next popover craving...

We then continued to Lanikai Beach.  The whole night was a surprise, so I was guessing the whole way into Kailua where we were going.  I can't handle suspense!

We got to the beach and my boyfriend pulled out a blanket and a cooler full of champagne, strawberries, and chocolate covered Godiva pretzels.  We walked down to the beach and found a spot between the canoes to set up camp for a little while.  He had planned to propose that night because of the moonrise, but it was a little too cloudy to see it come up over the water.  It was still a beautiful night for the beach though.

He pulled out the ring and the rest is history...

Sometimes it's nice to be wined and dined! 

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Meet Fiona.  Beautiful, full of life, and a little bit of a hippie.  Turn on the music and watch her dance, she will out dance pretty much anybody as it is her favorite thing to do.  She wears a green headband with a Japanese Sakura flower and has an owl tag (a softie tatoo).  She definitely has a style all her own.  Her front pocket is where she keeps all her notes and ideas for new songs, Fiona loves to write.  Her weaknesses are Swedish Fish, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Watermelon.  Her soft belly and face are perfect for snuggling up, Fiona won't mind.  She is kind of a cuddle bug.  Don't be shy, she certainly isn't.

Hi!  Want do dance? 

Are you staring at my owl tatoo?  Let me tell you that story...

Time for bed.  See you tomorrow?  I am off to dream of Chocolate Chip Cookies...


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