Monday, August 30, 2010

Robot Love

I have an obsession with robots.  It is one of my many obsessions, kept company by owls, birds, leaves, gnomes, and seahorses...  I absolutely love anything robot and I put together this treasury to feature some of my favorite robot things on etsy.  Click here to go to the full page link on etsy.

Isn't the robot writing the love letter awesome?? To go to each sellers shop, click here and you can then click on each individual item.  

Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Website!

I started a little website to house all of my projects: my blog, my etsy, and my store front.  Check it out at  I have just started adding things and can't wait to get it all up and running!  My favorite part is how easy it is to integrate etsy into your site. I also created a cafe press shop through webs and love it!  I can design almost anything and have it made into a t-shirt, a tote, and even a onesie.  I can't stop designing logos and cute things to go on shirts!

New Website!

I started a little website to house all of my projects: my blog, my etsy, and my store front.  Check it out at  I have just started adding things and can't wait to get it all up and running!  My favorite part is how easy it is to integrate etsy into your site. I also created a cafe press shop through webs and love it!  I can design almost anything and have it made into a t-shirt, a tote, and even a onesie.  I can't stop designing logos and cute things to go on shirts!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Natalie Dee Sweets Comic Love
When I used to be a waitress I got this question all the time.  Somehow it is a whole lot funnier coming from a cupacke...
If you aren't laughing yet, go get your laugh on already!

Hmmm... Someone else had a few too many pieces of chocolate mousse cake did they??  It's okay.  You still look cute.

Finally someone drew a picture of the science of ice cream sandwich eating.  So very important and incredibly satisfying if done correctly.

Yep.  I am not really into chicken but cake... cake I can do.

Natalie Dee has been making me laugh since my college days at UH.  I love to look through her old comics and laugh and laugh.  This little collection: some of my favorite sweet comics.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Truly Inspiring Tuesdays- Kathy Thomas

Another Truly Inspiring Tuesday!  This week I am featuring someone that inspires and pushes me to learn more about sewing and to be more precise in my sewing.  She makes beautiful things, ranging from intricate quilts and baby bibs to knit scarves and shawls. She dabbles in beading too.  So here we go, Truly Inspiring Tuesday with Kathy Thomas. Don't forget to check out her blog  at 

How did you get started (crafting, creating, expressing yourself through art)?  
I used to make doll clothes and little items for my small animals when I was a little girl.  Then,   I took a home ec class when I was in jr. high and learned how to decorate cakes (that's expressing yourself through art, right?) and sew.  I ate way too much cake and buttercream frosting.  I am thinking of going back into the cake decorating biz.  I made a duffel bag and a goofy romper, which I loved.   I think there are some pictures of me in it.  It was definitely a 70's inspired outfit. 

What are your greatest artistic/creative influences?  
My mom took a quilting class when we lived in Denver and she made some beautiful items.  I was inspired by her sewing ability.  Nature influences my crafting more and more...  Probably because I live in such a beautiful and inspiring place.  As a teacher, I teach a Caves to Canvas art unit and believe it or not I have learned a lot about art studying with my students.  I love Piet Mondrian and gravitate towards graphic art with bold lines and color. 

Do you have any advice for etsy sellers/crafters? 
Just enjoy yourself and let yourself go--  something I struggle with.  I want everything to be perfect and get a little upset with myself when it isn't just right... 

Ketchup or Mustard??  
Ketchup but only accompanied with lots of onion rings or french fries!

What is your favorite item to create? 
Right now, I am into making baby bibs from recycled clothing.  It is fun to look for that perfect old item to cut apart and pair up with a new fabric. 

What do you do when you aren't creating?  
I teach, read and LOVE to exercise.    Lately, I have been spending a lot of time dreaming of a way to make a career change ... 

Describe a typical day of crafting/your creative process.   
I get up early and before I do anything I spread out lots of fabrics and old clothes.  Then I try to match a few pieces together and I jump right in...

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?  
Chocolate but why feel guilty ...    I also love to check out other people's blogs for inspiration. 

What are some of your favorite etsy shops/designers right now?  
My daughter, Katie, inspires me and encourages me to be creative. 

Favorite place to grab a bite?  
Deano's Place, Dean's my husband and the place is at home.  I am kitchen challenged and he is a fantastic cook! 
Describe your studio/work station. 
 I recently converted my daughter's old bedroom into my sewing and craft room.  It has pictures of my kids a calendar so I can put up my work outs for the month a television and piles of fabric everywhere... 
What is your favorite season? 
I love them all.  I live in Hawaii where they pretty much all blend together.

Where can we find your work?  
Right now you can find my work in the hands of my friends.  I love to gift my items but am contemplating opening up an etsy shop where I can sell my bibs, bags, and quilts.
Kathy Thomas

Monday, August 23, 2010

Surf and Sun - my daily diet

Suddenly I am surfing again.  I had been out of the water for a few months, and now this month I have been in hours upon hours.  I even got a new board.  Super exciting...  Inspired by my return love for surfing, I share these beautiful items from etsy.  All of these items would make great gifts for the ocean lover in your lives...  :) Enjoy the eye candy and get inspired to re-live something you used to love.

Check out this beautiful photo.  Visit the shop for more where that came from.

This is how I have been feeling lately.  The water, the sun, and the waves are a true therapy.
Grab this print here.

Whoa.  Stunning quilt art.  I would like to say if I saw this wave, I would be in it.  But the beauty of art is it could be 2 feet or 20, only the artist knows. :)  Pieced together with batik fabrics, you can find this piece here.

A social session with the girls...  :) What is not to love??
Grab this postcard and more here.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Pirates of the Caribbean Boat in Kaneohe

Over the past few months, Pirates of the Caribbean has been filming in Hawaii.  They shot most recently overnight in Kaneohe Bay.  My boyfriend went to see the boat.  PreTTy cool!  The cast and crew were also seen by tons of local residents... Uh oh-Johnny DEPP!  :)  Pirate look and all.

Wow!  It looks all jazzed up and ready to sail.

Does anyone else notice the skeleton on the front and think that is totally over the top?  I can't wait to see it on the big screen.

I love the Pirates movies and all the crazy costumes and shots.  When we were on Kauai recently snorkeling and hiking the Na Pali Coast, we were told that a lot of the film was shot there.  The beautiful coves, white sand beaches, and crazy cliffs.  

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Snacks at Shirokiya...

I went to Shirokiya the other day for one of my favorite snacks, MOCHI!  I always get the little mochi balls from the shop on the upper level next to the crepe station.  The pineapple mochi is to die for and is the perfect snack for shopping.  :)  I guess it depends on what you are shopping for, but I do a lot of window shopping and walking around looking at everything.

This is Chichi Dango, a soft and chewy mochi.  If you aren't familiar with mochi it is similar to a gummy with a lot less sugar and flavor.  It also has a similar squish like a marshmallow but is made with mochi flour.  Shirokiya in Ala Moana sells my all time favorite.  :)  They also sell multi-flavor packs and even smaller mochi balls.  The same little area also sells filled mochi, with red bean and lots of other flavors.

I also had this kabocha manju. ( A Japanese steamed cake)  It was so delish!  Soft and full of pumpkin.  YUM.  I am so into Kabocha right now, I can't get enough.  My favorite treat: Kabocha Tempura!

Here is their ad for this weeks specials.  You can check it out on their website and get the store hours and location.  Click here.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Featured in a Treasury!

I am happy to share that I am featured in a beautiful treasury on etsy.  It is all local goods and really stunning photos.  I feel lucky to be surrounded by such amazing and talented artists.

Check it out by clicking on this link
I love the onesie and the turtle photo!  So cute.  Thanks for including my hair pins.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nene Goose

We got lucky and got to see lots of Nene in Kauai.  I took these photos in Princeville. Enjoy!

Check out these Nene Geese defending their area!  Necks out and down they are ready to fight.  Funny enough, if you get closer, they will turn and run.  Or maybe attack, you never know!!  

These two look like they have a lot to talk about.  Whoa.  Chill out Mama goose!

Just hanging out.  They are so beautiful.  These shots were taken in Kauai off the back of our condo.  The condo overlooked the ocean from a cliff and the nene's just hung out in the huge lawn.

To learn more about the nene, go to the honolulu zoo webpage by clicking on the link.  You can even listen to them making noise!  Like the one in the photo above.  Lots of great info and more photos at

This one was coming after my mom and her banana.  Me: looking at mom eating her banana totally unaware.
Mom:" Look at the geese!" Me: "Mom, it is coming after you." Mom: "What?? Oh, that one!"  :)  There were so many it was distracting.  

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Na Pali Coast Hike

My Mom and I hiked the 8 mile loop to the falls on the Na Pali Coast Trail on our last day.  We trecked to the beach and beyond and it was amazing!

There are a few river crossings along the way.  A great place to rinse off some of the mud from your legs and shoes!  

On the way back, the last ridge before the beach.  Glad to be done, but still enjoying the views.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kauai : The Garden Isle

I just returned from a vacation to Kauai. They don't call it the garden isle for nothing!  It is incredibly lush, green, and breath taking. I have been one time before, but had forgotten the beauty that is Kauai. Everywhere you look there are cascading waterfalls, stunning views of the coastline, long white sand beaches, turquoise blue waters, and jagged cliffs and canyons. Kauai is the most beautiful and rugged island of them all. This week, I will be show casing Kauai, and all it has to offer. For now, I leave you with a teaser of the island.

The Na Pali Coast

Lihue Movie Theater Sign

The view from where we stayed. The Cliffs at Princeville. Cliffs indeed!

Check back this week for more updates on Kauai and the adventures we had.


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