Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Truly Inspiring Tuesdays- Kathy Thomas

Another Truly Inspiring Tuesday!  This week I am featuring someone that inspires and pushes me to learn more about sewing and to be more precise in my sewing.  She makes beautiful things, ranging from intricate quilts and baby bibs to knit scarves and shawls. She dabbles in beading too.  So here we go, Truly Inspiring Tuesday with Kathy Thomas. Don't forget to check out her blog  at www.polkadotpalmtree.blogspot.com. 

How did you get started (crafting, creating, expressing yourself through art)?  
I used to make doll clothes and little items for my small animals when I was a little girl.  Then,   I took a home ec class when I was in jr. high and learned how to decorate cakes (that's expressing yourself through art, right?) and sew.  I ate way too much cake and buttercream frosting.  I am thinking of going back into the cake decorating biz.  I made a duffel bag and a goofy romper, which I loved.   I think there are some pictures of me in it.  It was definitely a 70's inspired outfit. 

What are your greatest artistic/creative influences?  
My mom took a quilting class when we lived in Denver and she made some beautiful items.  I was inspired by her sewing ability.  Nature influences my crafting more and more...  Probably because I live in such a beautiful and inspiring place.  As a teacher, I teach a Caves to Canvas art unit and believe it or not I have learned a lot about art studying with my students.  I love Piet Mondrian and gravitate towards graphic art with bold lines and color. 

Do you have any advice for etsy sellers/crafters? 
Just enjoy yourself and let yourself go--  something I struggle with.  I want everything to be perfect and get a little upset with myself when it isn't just right... 

Ketchup or Mustard??  
Ketchup but only accompanied with lots of onion rings or french fries!

What is your favorite item to create? 
Right now, I am into making baby bibs from recycled clothing.  It is fun to look for that perfect old item to cut apart and pair up with a new fabric. 

What do you do when you aren't creating?  
I teach, read and LOVE to exercise.    Lately, I have been spending a lot of time dreaming of a way to make a career change ... 

Describe a typical day of crafting/your creative process.   
I get up early and before I do anything I spread out lots of fabrics and old clothes.  Then I try to match a few pieces together and I jump right in...

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?  
Chocolate but why feel guilty ...    I also love to check out other people's blogs for inspiration. 

What are some of your favorite etsy shops/designers right now?  
My daughter, Katie, inspires me and encourages me to be creative. 

Favorite place to grab a bite?  
Deano's Place, Dean's my husband and the place is at home.  I am kitchen challenged and he is a fantastic cook! 
Describe your studio/work station. 
 I recently converted my daughter's old bedroom into my sewing and craft room.  It has pictures of my kids a calendar so I can put up my work outs for the month a television and piles of fabric everywhere... 
What is your favorite season? 
I love them all.  I live in Hawaii where they pretty much all blend together.

Where can we find your work?  
Right now you can find my work in the hands of my friends.  I love to gift my items but am contemplating opening up an etsy shop where I can sell my bibs, bags, and quilts.
Kathy Thomas

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