Monday, September 6, 2010

Tie Dye Mania

I have been super into tie dye lately and I went to a tie dye party the other day that was so much fun!  We dyed onesies, shirts, an old chef coat, and underwear.  They turned out so well!  A few of the girls there were tie dye pros so the designs were super cool.  My favorite ones were the teal, royal blue, and kelly green. So pretty.

Ooo la la!

Bullseye heaven!  I love the bullseye, it is pretty much the only design I am good at...

See the spiral ones in the back?  Those are some of the ones from the tie dye pros.  Mine are pretty much bullseye, 3 color variation and random ties thrown into one dye color.  As always it was super fun though.
If you want to tie dye, but don't know how, RIT dye has a great website to go to. 
They have information about techniques, folds, ideas, and projects!

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