Saturday, January 8, 2011

How I Spent Christmas Day...

I hope you had a fantastic Christmas Day...  I know I did.  To recap, I woke up early, got crazy excited to open presents, ate breakfast, showered, then OPENED PRESENTS!  (Sorry, I LOVE presents...) oh... (and anything wrapped)  During which we had mimosas and candy.  Then we made a huge lunch and feasted until work.  Not too shabby.  It was a day spent with family, either we were together or we were skyping!

Skype with my older brother and his girlfriend in Spain. 

Mom and Dad love skype

Mimosa with lilikoi nectar.. wow, do I really have to work? I want 5!

An all time favorite from long ago...

Why this one?  Who doesn't love sheep!

Oooh la la!  Moving mouse that STILL moves!

Steak and Salmon for Christmas Brunch at home

The famous blueberry jell-o!

Macaroni Casserole from my boyfriend Cody.  YUM!

I will post some of the recipes soon.  In the meantime, Good night, and good luck!

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