Monday, March 7, 2011

Infinity Bridesmaid Dress

Do you cringe at the thought of traditional bridesmaid dresses?  The ones with the ruffles, the tight satin that shows every bump, and the awful colors?  Think again!  No more making your girls look like a junior high dance!  Check these infinity dresses out from The Jersey Maid on etsy.

These dresses are $98 and get cheaper when you buy 4 or more.  What more could you ask for in a dress?  They are light, flowing, and versatile.  Wear it any way you can think of.  My favorite styles are the one shoulder, the strapless, twisted strap v, and oh... all of them!  

You can choose from black, purple, slate blue, gray, or turquoise.  The dress fits size 2 to 14.  So no more fittings and guessing if your girls are going to all fit into the same style.  This simplifies the process to ooooo, click, buy, and it fits!  

These were my first choice for my dresses and I am so happy I ordered them...  Amazing!  I even got one for myself...  :)

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