Tuesday, August 7, 2012

One Tsp. Online Recipe Storage

I have been searching for a way to store all my recipes online for a while now.  I tried Google Docs which I like, but it seems kind of messy.  I also tried allrecipes, but don't like that either.

I found One Tsp. today and I love it.  You can store up to 150 recipes for free, and if you would like to store unlimited recipes, it is only $5 a year.  Not bad for unlimited storage.  You can also download it to your iphone/ipad and clip recipes from websites for later.  It will make you a grocery list, let you share with friends, and sort your recipes however you would like.

I have already gotten started typing up my favorite recipes and ones I always seem to lose.  I think my favorite thing is the shopping list.  I love that you can type in your old family recipes and then just click shopping list and have it all laid out for you.  EASY  . . .  AS  . . . PIE.

I can't wait to start uploading and typing up ALL my recipes.  I will probably got over 150 in a matter of days, but there is a backup button so you can download everything to your computer.  I LIKE THAT.  I can't imagine losing all your precious recipes because you forgot your password or couldn't get to them.

Here is what my page looks like so far.  You can add photos too.  Pretty cool!  I am even more motivated to take pictures of all my desserts now.  I hate flipping through recipes trying to remember if I want THIS recipe or THAT recipe.  Was it FLUFFY or SOFT?  OR....  am do I have the complete wrong recipe?  No more confusion...

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