Friday, January 25, 2013

Baby Bow Tie Tutorial

With a little man on the way, I have been looking for sewing projects for boys.  This little bow tie tutorial is perfect and could be made for babies or grown men.  I am thinking of making a matching one for my husband and making him wear it with the little one for some cheesy pictures.  Don't tell him, but I think that would be super cute.

I made 3 in different prints.  I figure baby boy can't always be preppy, sometimes he can be a little more stylish.  Oh, and they will probably get spit up on, so back ups are great.  :)

These take about 10 minutes each and use a sewing machine, a glue gun, and those little things we call hands.  Super fast and easy.  Beginner project for sure.

When you finish sewing them all up, you sew snaps to the back on each side as well as snaps to the onesie/bib/t that you are going to be putting them on.  That makes it easy to take off just the bow tie and wash the outfit.  Perfect!

I used this tutorial from One Young Love.  Lots of great pictures and step by step instructions.  If you think this is beyond your skill level, think again and give it a try.  It really is SO easy.

photo credit: here

Here is a little snapshot from the One Young Love blog.  She did a great job and picked some really cute colors!  What an awesome gift for a baby shower.  Love it.  Now get out there and make some adorable tiny bow ties!

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