Saturday, February 6, 2010

Apple Desserts

A friend of mine has a lot of apples, and has a knack for making apple pies.  He asked me what else he might make with apples, and that got me thinking...  What else can you make with apples? 

-apple pie (of course, as he already knows)                                     -apple crumble
-apple streudel                                                                                -apple pancakes
-apple muffins                                                                                  -applesauce
-dried apple                                                                                     -apple chutney
-apple bread                                                                                    -apple juice
-apple bread pudding                                                                       -apple upside down cake
-apple crisp                                                                                     -apple foster
-caramel apple                                                                                 -apple fritters 
-apple cobbler                                                                                 -apple turnovers

Here are some links to recipes available on-line for apple desserts.  The pictures alone make me want to bake!

This recipe for apple toffee tartlets looked incredibly delish!

Let me know if anyone tries these!  I am already planning my next baking day off.  The upside down cake looks really good.  I love how the fruit caramelizes and the cake soaks up the flavor of sugar and sweet fruit.  I guess you know which one I am going to try first...

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