Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hawaii Tsunami Warning February 27, 2010

Last night when I went to bed I watched the news and heard about the massive earthquake in Chile, and that we were under a tsunami advisory.  I set my alarm to wake up early and check the news for tsunami updates/alerts.  At 5:30 my boyfriend's dad called from the mainland to tell us about what was going on-that we were under a tsunami advisory and that it would arrive around 11:15.  ! Yikes! 

I have lived in Hawaii for 8 years and have been lucky enough not to have experienced a hurricane, tsunami, or other major disaster.  So we started filling water bottles, packed our freezer with ice packs, showered, washed dishes, etc.

We don't live in an evacuation area, but we live on the other side of one.  (Pretty much right on the line...)  Eventually some of my neighbors decided to go up Diamond Head to see if they could see anything.  We decided to go up too to try and get some pictures or just get a view of the tsunami.

There were so many people at Diamond Head!  News crews, people who had evacuated, people drinking, laying out, everyone was just waiting...and waiting...and waiting.  People started double parking and triple parking so we decided to go back home.

We had a small surge in water levels, and Hilo experienced the river like rushing on it's shoreline, but nothing major. 

At 2:00 this afternoon, they called an all clear!  Yeay!  Disaster averted, Hawaii made it through without major damage/flooding.  I am relieved and happy that we won't have to deal with flooding and the mess that can be caused by a tsunami.  Here are some photos that I took while we were at Diamond Head today...
People lining up on the wall all the way down the lookout
The cars were 2-3 deep everwhere
All of the boats went out to sea to avoid damage
Watching the shoreline for changes...
Beautiful, but a strange site for Diamond Head...  Not a surfer in site, but hundreds of boats.

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  1. Great to hear you didn't get hit by a tsunami ~ that must have been a scary time!
    Best wishes, Sarah.



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