Monday, April 19, 2010

Helpful links for etsy sellers...

I snagged these links from a post in the etsy forums... Some of them I knew, some were totally new.  They are defintely worth checking out...

Here is the link to the forum post and the full post:: posted by::

Etsy Wiki:
Etsy Resources:
List of resources:
Buttons for your shop:
Free Banners:
Custom Made Etsy ADs
Blog Advertising:
Create a Newsletter:
Plug your sweepstakes/giveaways:
Find out if you are in any Treasuries:
Find when Treasuries are available:
Find if you are in any Gift Guides:
Find out who hearts your store and more:
Google Analytics, track stats:
Get notified if you're on the front page:
Social Media Sites Talking about your store:
Etsy Social Networks: and
Find more tags:
Keyword Optimization:
Places for stationary/business cards etc: , , (through april 30) (15% off 2RB2CK)
Fees Calculator:
Software for Craft Businesses
Etsy Toolbar
How to make your own twitter background:
Free fonts:
Create your own poll:
Make a word cloud:
Enjoy! And please post any other links that would be helpful to shop owners :)

I couldn't resist posting these adorable booties from her shop... (the postee)  :) 

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