Friday, June 17, 2011

Super Easy Place Card Holder Tutorial

One of the many projects that I made for my wedding were these place card holders.  I used them to decorate my dessert buffet. (More pictures to come)  They are easy to make and add a lot of personality to your party!  Use them for almost anything you need a little holder for : signs, pictures, table numbers, place card holders, etc.

What you will need:
Glue gun
Moss (I used preserved Reindeer Moss which can be found at your local craft store)
Florist foam
A cutting/work mat or table
Silk or real flowers ( I used silk so I could make them far in advance)

Take the florist foam and cut it into handy pieces with your knife.  You can make them pretty much any size.  Then take the glue gun and start gluing the moss around the foam until you can't see it anymore.  Voila!  Moss covered and cute...  Next you will place the flowers into the foam, cut the stems short and poke them in securely.  Then you can add your metal stem/holder.  You can purchase them or make them yourself.  (Tutorial to come for making them yourself, super easy!)

Be very careful as the glue from the glue gun is HOT and you will be placing your hands all around it in order to place the moss on the foam.

I added hand stamped and laminated signs for my dessert bar, but you could just put cards, photos, or whatever you like!  Get creative.  And THAT is IT!

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