Monday, June 6, 2011

Hawaii Bachelorette Party

Last night my girls threw me the best bachelorette party ever!  Let me start from the beginning...

First, my friend Nat picked me up and took me into Waikiki to meet up with all the girls.  Then we got on a trolley for the Screamer! a speed boat ride at Kewalo Basin. 

The girls, Nat and Glo

Ready to get wet on the screamer??

We started up front!  Woo HOOOO!

WOO HOO!  We survived the Screamer!  :) 

After we drove around and relived my life in stages, we ended up here.  Portlock has the most amazing views and a sunset candel lit dinner was in the mix!

Check out the white tablecloth, LED candles, white homemade poms, and a spread of food that would make anyone hungry!  You girls are AWESOME!

Me in my new veil and outfit from the girls.  :)  Notice the star on my shirt, my favorite!

Pasta salad with pesto, strawberry and almond salad, and french bread with balsamic vinegar and oil.  Champagne and sodas and of course CHOCOLATE CAKE!

Thank you for the most thoughtful and amazing DAY!  We even ended the night at my favorite bar in Waikiki- NASHVILLE.  For a night of country music dancing and crazy times.  Me loves!

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