Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bridal Shower Fun!

My mom threw me an amazing bridal shower last month and I never had a chance to share!  My mom threw me an amazing wine tasting shower with dinner, cheese, and games!  We had dinner catered by Zia's in Kailua.  It was awesome!  The cheese was from Costco and was a huge hit, and the wine was a collection of splurge vs. steal!

The girls waiting for the games to begin on my parents top deck.

Well into our 5th bottle of wine perhaps.  I think we were making our own blends by this photo.

My husbands family and my grandmother taking it all in.

The famous steal vs. splurge!  What a great idea.


Kaela and Janine

Getting ready to begin.

We set up 4 different types of wine, ie: merlot, cab, chardonnay, then we had one splurge and one steal for each type.  They were covered in burlap and you had to try to guess which was the splurge and which was the steal.  It was a great way for everyone to enjoy themselves and get a little wild!  Thanks mom, it was a GREAT party!

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