Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mythbusters Behind the Myths Tour

My husband and I got to see the Mythbusters Behind the Myths Tour a few weeks ago when they stopped in Tucson for a show.  It was a pretty cool show with a lot of audience participation.  If you are a die hard fan, you would totally LOVE it.

I am a fan, but not a OMG I LOVE YOU!!! fan.  So, I had a really good time watching the show.... and the crowd.  The people watching at this show was pretty awesome.  Hard core science fans, CRAZy children fans, and then the usual tv watching fans.  I have never been to a show like this and fans are always pretty crazy, but I would say the Mythbusters fans are INSANE.  

Here we are at the very beginning before the show even started.  The people behind us were the CRAZY fans with children.  At one point, the young polite boy stood up and said, "ADAM SAVAGE GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE!"  Whoa.  Probably not the best way to get picked to participate, just sayin'.

I am going to leave this one to your imagination.  Look!  Child participant.  I wonder how they got picked...

Pretty cool set.  

Adam trying to catch an arrow being shot from a crossbow.  What??  

One lucky guy got to wear this suit!  They are showing a video of how they wore it diving with sharks and now he gets to wear it for...

THIS!  Getting shot at with paint balls from about 15 feet away.  AWESOME!  (this little stunt elicited screams and screaming laughter from the crazy people behind us - we both needed earplugs for this event, but not from the show...)  :)

They even let fans participate in playing with the high speed camera.  So cool!  They pulled people on-stage and had them shake their heads, flap their lips, and make crazy sounds just so we could watch the slow motion capture.  FUN!

Want to learn more about the show?  Go to their website and check out all their cool videos, myths, and info.

Check out their tour site to get more info on their upcoming shows, pricing, etc.  

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