Thursday, May 10, 2012

Petal Cake

I had the day off today and made a few cakes.  I made a petal cake and a cake for my husband.  I have been wanting to try this cake style for a while, and it was so easy and cute!

I love blue: light blue, robins egg blue, aqua...  I could go on.

I wanted to do an ombre effect so I made 3 different shades of blue.  My favorite is the middle one.

The petal technique is so easy.  Just pipe a dot, then drag it with a spatula.  Continue around the cake, piping dots about 1/4 of an inch apart.

Then I piped a little flower on the top in a creamy bluish white.  

Creamy swiss buttercream, oh my.

Petals and flowers, blue and white, can't wait to dig in.

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  1. I gave you the liebster award. Check it out. There are just some issues when you click on your site name. Checkit out.



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