Wednesday, August 17, 2011

French Macaroon Madness

I have made almost every color of macaroon I can think of in the past 2 years at my current job.  I love bright colors with ganache filling, lilikoi buttercream, and cream cheese filling.  Here are a few of my favorite combinations...

Purple: Cream Cheese Filling
Yellow: Lilikoi buttercream

Hot Pink: Lilikoi buttercream (yep, I love lilikoi!)
White fluffy things: Homemade marshmallows

Green Tea: Matcha Powder/Buttercream

Hot Pink: Black Sesame & Black Sesame Buttercream
White: Coconut/Ganache

Coral: Ganache filled

These are just a few of my favorite combinations.  Much more to come on macaroons.  So fun and versatile.  You can make them ANY color and flavor.  If you want to try them for yourself, check out my post with a recipe here.

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