Monday, August 8, 2011

Terbearco Stamps (I freakin love em!)

Today I was doing my usual browse through etsy, which always turns from 5 minutes into an hour...  I stumbled across Terbearco Collectibles.

I love this address label stamp!  You can get it here for $24.99.  The birdie is not included, but what a cute idea.  This would be great for invitations, Christmas gifts, postcards, and regular old envelopes.

Or get your own custom business stamp to make your own tags and business cards.  It looks so professional, but only costs $24.99!  Get it here.

I thought this was pretty hilarious!  My husband would totally love to go around stamping with these.  :)  Mythbusters fans unite.  
If you are more into small and simple, there are tons of little fun ones like this too for $6.99.
I liked this one a lot too.  It would look really cool on custom stationery or envelopes.  

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