Friday, November 25, 2011

Patchwork Stocking

I love stockings!  My husband and I just moved into a new apartment and I thought to myself... "What would spice up our place and really give me a Holiday feel without getting all GREEN and RED?"  Here is my answer. (His is coming, I only had time to make one today.  :)  Mine was the tester.)

I started with two fabrics.  One of them, the yellowy pink floral, is from about 5 years ago.  I feel great about using it because I have been hoarding it for way too long!  I finally found the perfect project and it is inspiring me to work my way through my stash.

My husband drew me a pattern piece for the stocking.  Mine was a little wonky, so I chose his piece instead.  Thanks Cody!

Then I pieced together the two fabrics, the stocking is about 8 inches wide at the top.  So I just cut 8 inch wide varying sizes of fabric.

My favorite part is the toe!

I quilted the front to some batting and lined it with a plain white fabric.  I like the alternating colors and fabrics.  They are kind of clashing/matching.  I used a light cream ribbon vintage bias tape that I got in a sewing box last month for the finish on the top and the loop.  It tied it all together, and  I love the finished product.

Here it is hanging in my craft room on my bulletin board (which I made with a SUPER discount frame from Michael's, some Ikea cardboard from our furniture packaging and scrapbook paper.  Sweet!) It totally steals the show!  What do you think?

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