Sunday, February 5, 2012

Patchwork Pillow

I have been using and abusing my sewing room lately, and this patchwork pillow took 2 sittings, but I love it.  I think it is a variation of a log cabin.  Anybody know?  I just started with a square and then kept adding strips around it until it was 21 inches by 21 inches.  My pillows on my new couch are huge!  They are a good 3 inches bigger than my massive sectional couch pillows.  Weird.

I used a ton of different fabrics that I have been collecting.  The outside print is from Hancock Fabrics.  It is one of their premium quilting fabrics, whatever that means.  The umbrellas are from a shop in Hawaii, the little blue birdies are another Hancock print.  The pink fabric is from Bella Quilts in Tucson, and the brown polka dots are from Cactus Quilts in Tucson, I believe.  

I love the bright colors and flow of these fabrics.

The center block is a sweets piece that I got at a fabric store in Hawaii a few years ago.  I have been waiting for the perfect way to display the fabric.  I love sweets and baking and this panel is so cool.  Ice cream and chocolate sauce...

For the back of the pillow, I sewed an envelope closure.  I like these because then I can rotate pillow cases when I get tired of them, or when they need a wash.

The fabric is bright and bold and goes great on my couch!

I think my favorite is... AGH!  I can't choose.

Do you have a favorite fabric?  I think they all look great, but secretly I love birds, sweets, and lime green hexagons.  I mean... all of them.

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