Friday, January 15, 2010

Etsy Tools for Sellers

While I am still fairly new to etsy, as I have only really been selling for the past year or so, I have been learning some tips and tricks.  I want to share some of my tips with all the other newbies/seasoned sellers.  

In my opinion, these are the best sites/programs for etsy stats and page views:

At you can view how many times each item has been viewed and "hearted."  You can also view your overall page views, your shop hearts (all on one page), if you have been featured on the front page-storque-and gift guides.  These stats can be very useful to have all on one site and easy to access.  You can track when you get the most views, and which items get the most views in one click.

At google analytics, you can view your traffic sources, referral sites/pages, keywords that led to your site, traffic results for the month, where your visitors are coming from, etc.  I think this site is extrememly helpful to see all of your traffic results on one site.

Other tools:

Need a banner?  This site will make one for you for free.  Choose from about 15 templates, and lots of holiday ones too!  They also allow you to customize your fonts and placement/color.  Totally useful for temporary holiday banners if nothing else.

This site allows you to enter your price information and calculate your selling price after etsy fees, shipping, supplies, etc.

Gives you search information about your items.  You enter the information and it will tell you what page it is on in search results on etsy, and on google.

Photo editor:

If you don't already have a photo editor, check out picasa by google.  It is FREE, easy to use, and makes your snapshots into professional images for your etsy site. I use this for all my photo editing, you can post pictures directly to the web, make posters, collages, and picture grids.  It is a great tool for creating ads and banners.

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