Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sew Crazy

I had the day off yesterday and after I unjammed my machine (TWICE!) I sewed the day away.  The only reason I stopped was because it jammed AGAIN and it pretty much just started eating my beautiful thread.  I had enough, so this is what I ended up with.  :)

Quilted Potholder (posted for sale on my etsy site)

Quilted Coasters (I am making them as a set of 4)

A lavender sachet for the yarn drawer!

The first quilted potholder, not as thick, but equally fabulous

A matching lavender sachet, these smell so good!
I got the lavender in California last summer and never did anything with it.  I wondered if it would still smell as strong... WOW!  If they smelled any stronger, you could stink up the whole apartment!  I tucked this one into my yarn drawer and it is just perfect.  I am going to get started making these for my etsy shop because they smell just fantastic.  If you like lavender that is...

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