Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Farmers' Market on Oahu

Shop L O C A L, Shop at the Farmers Market!  Some people say they never know when they are, or where they are.  Well here is a complete list with contact information, hours, dates, and places!  Some of my favorites are: Wednesday night Blaisdell Market, KCC Saturday morning market, Thursday in Kailua town in the Long's parking lot, and many more...   This list is up to date and lists contact information so you can call and make sure nothing has changed with the schedule.  How great is that??  This list shows that there are markets all OVER the island, so it doesn't matter where you live, you can shop local - no problem.

Why shop local?  Why shop at Farmers' Markets?
-you are supporting local farmers and Hawaii's sustainability
-the products are fresh from the farm's nearby
-wide variety of products
-great networking
-talk with your neighbors
-taste local products
-reduce your carbon footprint by buying local and shopping close to home
-get a great selection at a great price, normally your local market will be much less expensive than typical supermakets
-meet the people that grow your food
-hand pick what you eat
-have lunch! usually there are local food vendors at the market as well
-buy fresh flowers at bargain prices
-learn about local produce in your area

Click this link to find a market in your neighborhood. - listings for all the islands - a pdf of all the markets on Oahu - another resource for market listings

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