Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I love... MOSS!

I love moss. I love stumbling upon it when I hike, finding it along the road, and I love what these etsy sellers have done with it.  Why do I love moss?  It is vibrantly colored, soft, lush, and full of life.  Yet so simple and it grows everywhere.

Photo and Terrarium from here.

A live moss pendant!  Who doesn't want this??  Photo and pendant can be found here.

Perfect for the outdoor ceremony...  Photo and ring bearer pillow HERE.

This wreath would look good all year long... Find it here.

The perfect gift for the girl who has everything.  They make earrings too.  Go check it out!

In case you don't want to make your own moss pommanders... go pick these up.  I will be posting a tutorial on these in a few weeks, so don't go anywhere!

Last but not least.  This little canoe is creative, functional, and beautiful.  Stunning.  Get one here.

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