Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wahiawa Pineapple Run 2011

I did the Pineapple Run in Wahiawa last weekend and it was great fun!  I ran with a my friend Melissa and my mom.  Well, my mom kicked our butts by 2 minutes, but we ran the first half together.  :)  I hadn't been running much, but we made our best time yet!

Oh, I forgot to mention we ran as gnomes!  :)  
This run takes you through Wahiawa and winds on country roads near the pineapple fields.  You aren't exactly running right next to them, but they aren't far away.  :)  I was somehow picturing running through them....  That would have been a red dirt mess.

Pre-run.  Getting our gnome on...
We were the only ones in costume.  Huh.  Didn't everyone else get the memo?  Pineapple Run, in costume this year??

We got a free pineapple after we finished the run.  They were so yummy!  Each person got a pineapple and a t-shirt for participating.  Best prize yet!

If you ran and are looking for results, click here::

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  1. Hahaha i did the race too and said to my friend, they look like th gnomes from travelocity hahahahaha



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