Friday, May 27, 2011

Shark in Kaneohe Bay!

I went kayaking yesterday in Kaneohe Bay with my brother.  We walked down the hill with the kayaks from my parents house, about a 7 minute walk, and launched our kayaks.  It was a beautiful day.  Amazingly beautiful, slightly windy, but for the bay, it was a great day.

We started on the far right side of this picture and made our way across the bay.  At about the halfway point to Coconut Island, I felt a bump  I got a little jumpy, I told myself maybe it was nothing, just me slapping my paddle on the side of my boat.  Yeah, thats it.  

I tried to concentrate on how much fun I was having.  How lucky I was to be on the water... You know, the usual. :)

About 5 minutes later, my brother saw a huge shark 2 feet behind his kayak.  What??!!  I was FaReaKing out.  Yeah, so was he. We got together and paddled as fast as we could towards Coconut Island.  The little island in the bay.  At least the shallow reef would give us a better view of what was below us/behind us.  Then we calmed down, and sprinted across the deep water between the island and the pier and docked our kayaks on a rocky beach.

When Ryan looked behind him and saw a huge fin and tail end of a gray shark thrashing in the water, I am pretty sure we both had a huge RUSH of adrenaline.  I thought one of us was going to get knocked out and then we'd really be in trouble.  We both just wanted to get out of the water, and away from the shark.  Thank goodness for the reef around Coconut Island and the little pier less than a few minutes away.  We made it out Cody picked us up and drove us back to our house so we could get a car to throw our kayaks on.  Next time I go in the bay, I will be thinking of this, and of what is around me! I feel like a wuss but I am glad we didn't have anything worse happen.

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