Sunday, April 15, 2012

Birch Fabric Store

I had the luxury of visiting Birch, an amazing fabric store in California a few weeks ago.  Maybe you've heard of fabricworm?  It is their online shop.

Check out their walls of adorable Japanese fabric.  

I totally love their little projects all over the store.

Their children's section is vast and fantastic too.

Look at the amazing displays in the window!

This quilt is freaking amazing.  I am brainstorming for one of my own.  Don't you love the birds and the bunting?


  1. I think another road trip is in order ... I need a fabric fix ... would love to raid their sale bin for some spots of fun in my stash buster quilts ... let me know if you need anything. This Thursday I'm off from work ... a trip to Lowe's (for light fixtures) and then Birch! Paso Robles here I come ... What an awesome day. Thanks for reminding me of this great fabric store. I need a pick me up ... can't wait!!!

  2. Karen,
    Sounds like fun. I just re organized my fabric and whoa! I got tons! I hope you enjoyed your trip and found some goodies!



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