Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sledding on Mt. Lemmon

My girlfriend Nat came to visit this winter and we took a day and went sledding on Mt. Lemmon.  It was cold, sunny, and super FUN!  We made our own snow pants out of plastic bags and got a few sleds.  FANTASTICO.

The drive up to Mt. Lemmon is beautiful.

Mountains for miles.

Our first victim, I mean sledding hill.

Still excited to be outside after at least an hour of play.  Ready for the next hill.

We were so proud of our snow pants.  They worked really well and didn't tear.  Duct tape and plastic bags.

We left the handles on the bags to have something to tighten them with.  Then reinforced the pant with a thick shopping bag with a handle to help pull them up and keep them from tearing.

Somehow Tucson and the desert truly are beautiful.

ROCK ON!  I was totally digging the spills, but trying not to really wipe out. 

Nat, getting wild and crazy.

Thanks for the good times.  If you are looking for sledding in Tucson next winter, drive up to Mt. Lemmon.  Take your sled, warm clothes, snacks, and a smile.  You can't go wrong.

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