Sunday, April 29, 2012

White Sox Spring Training 2012 Glendale, Arizona

My husband is a huge baseball fan.  Like, watch hours and hours of ball type of  fan.  Quote announcers, shows me highlights, listens to the games on the radio... fan.  You get it.  He is a nut.  Spring Training is in Phoenix, so we went for a weekend and went to a few games.

We love baseball!

The Spring Training games are awesome because they are inexpensive, great family fun, and there is still the big league atmosphere.

We sat right behind home plate and had a great view of the players and the game.

My husband was really crazy about the scouts that were in front of us.  There were 3 solid rows of scouts just  a few rows down.  They all had guns like this, and they were all doing the same thing... head up, shoot, head down, write, head up, shoot, head down, write.  and so on.  It was actually pretty cool to see the crazy speed of those pitchers!

It was an awesome time, and we got to see some great baseball.

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