Friday, October 14, 2011

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

We went to the Desert Museum again last weekend, it was the perfect day to go.  The weather wasn't too hot, they had a reptile talk with a Rattlesnake and Gila monster, and my husband was off work.

The hummingbirds are so beautiful.  The area with all the birds in it is one of my favorite.

"Oh, so cute!  Cody look at that duck.  He's whistling!"  Duck then turns his little bent down body towards me and charges while whistling.  You would have thought the duck was shooting bullets the way I jumped and ran...

Big Horned Sheep

Hello there HANDSOME.

What a HAM!  This beaver totally swam up, paused for a picture for the lady next to us, and then swam away.

Totally wouldn't see these guys in the wild until I was waist deep in toads.

My favorite pic of the day.  The prairie dogs and I seem to have a lot in common.  Snacking and lounging.

Mountain Lion.  Hey buddy.

I want to print some of these and frame them along my big entryway wall.  Any votes?  I am partial to the beaver, the prarie dog chowing down, and the hummingbird.

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