Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Honda Fit!

Well... you may remember when I had a minor accident with my Civic earlier this year.  I had to say goodbye and stick to the moped until we moved.  I recently got a Honda Fit.  I love it!  It is compact, yet roomy, drives smoothly, is great on gas, and is so cute.

Here I am driving it off the lot.  Cody went with me and we spent the day at 2 different places.  There was only one white one left...  I wanted it.  The other colors are kind of ugly, so I was pretty happy that they still had one!

The inside is really cool.  It is all back lit and easy to use.

I love the side windows in the front, they remind me of my old bug.  Except they don't open and create "air conditioning" like my bug windows did.  I also love that it has 57 cubic feet of space when you put the seats down.  The seats also go up, and you can slide your bike or large item right in the back door.  Pretty sweet!  No awkward lifting, and it is really easy to put the seats up or down.

So far I LOVE it.  :)

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